Students Against Hunger

In a recent announcement, RichLife Africa Project unveiled their groundbreaking initiative, “;Students Against Hunger” (SAH), aimed at addressing the pressing issues of hunger and poverty in Nigeria. Led by CEO Modestus Bernard, the project intends to make a significant impact over the next 7 years by feeding millions of hungry Nigerians, starting in Lagos State.

According to RichLife Africa Project, the SAH contest is expected to provide numerous benefits to the Nigerian economy. In light of the alarming number of individuals waking up without access to food, they emphasize the importance of collective involvement in solving this economic catastrophe. The government and individuals are urged to prioritize food-related projects to combat hunger and poverty effectively.

The SAH contest specifically targets Nigerian youth, including students from universities and tertiary institutions across the country, as well as National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members. With a projected participation of 10,000 individuals, including foreign students studying in Nigeria, this innovative reality contest aims to create high-paying jobs, produce successful entrepreneurs, and make a substantial impact on food security.

Participants in the SAH contest are tasked with sharing their personal “My Hunger Story” through storytelling, with the ultimate goal of receiving 100 million votes and generating over N5 billion through the sale of branded merchandise. The contest offers attractive prizes and presents an unprecedented opportunity for individuals to uplift themselves economically without significant financial investment.

RichLife Africa Project believes that the Hunger Fighter Challenge (HFC) will play a pivotal role in driving the success of the SAH contest. By combining energy, enthusiasm, and momentum, the HFC complements and strengthens the impact of SAH, resulting in a remarkable business opportunity estimated to be worth over N15 billion with an investment of no more than N300 million.

In conclusion, RichLife Africa Project remains optimistic about the potential of Students Against Hunger and the Hunger Fighter Challenge to create a lasting impact on hunger and poverty in Nigeria. Their dedication to eradicating these challenges and their strategic plans for success demonstrate