M.O.N.G.A (Make Our Nigeria Great Again)

M.O.N.G.A, an acronym for Make Our Nigeria Giant Again, is a visionary project created by Modestus BernarD with the aim of developing the potentials of Nigeria and revitalizing the nation’s status as a leading force in Africa. This project serves as a wake-up call and a cry for help, recognizing the vast human and natural resources that Nigeria possesses while acknowledging the suffering, hunger, and hopelessness experienced by its citizens.

The name M.O.N.G.A itself reflects the belief that Nigeria was once considered a giant among nations but has lost its way over time. Through M.O.N.G.A, the project seeks to address the challenges faced by the country and bring about positive change. By enhancing, implementing, and creating ideas in unity, the project aims to rebuild Nigeria and restore it to its rightful position of strength.

The core values of M.O.N.G.A encompass justice, equity, unity, peace, common wealth, the eradication of corruption, and the elimination of tribal bigotry. These values form the foundation for the project’s objectives, as they are seen as crucial components in achieving the desired transformation. The realization of these ideals will contribute to the improvement of the lives of Nigerian citizens and create a brighter future for the nation as a whole.

M.O.N.G.A serves as a platform for individuals and organizations to come together, collaborate, and contribute towards the development of Nigeria. It encourages a collective effort to address the pressing issues and obstacles that hinder progress, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and unity among Nigerians.

Through its inclusive approach, M.O.N.G.A seeks to inspire hope, empower citizens, and instill a renewed sense of pride in the nation. By embracing the principles of justice, equity, and peace, the project aims to create a more prosperous and harmonious Nigeria, where the potential of its people and resources can be fully realized.

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