“Drop That Gun Peace Project” is an innovative initiative by RichLife Africa Project Ltd aimed at addressing Nigeria's security challenges while promoting peace and harmony in the country. The project adopts a radical approach and a blue ocean strategy to engage millions of Nigerian youths with high-paying jobs and develop a sustainable social support system for the vulnerable thereby diverting their attention from crime.

The project focuses on actively promoting the campaign against violence through fashion, sports, entertainment, and education activities. It is not a political, religious, or tribal movement, but a purely social project with the goal of creating awareness and providing solutions for a safe and peaceful nation.

The objectives of the project include addressing the escalating issues of violence, campaigning against the malicious killing of Nigerians, using sports, education, fashion, and entertainment to unite Nigerians against violence, creating employment and empowerment opportunities for Nigerian youths, and fostering an enabling environment for social, political, business, and economic activities to flourish.

The business model of the “Drop That Gun Peace Project” revolves around the sale of DTG branded merchandise as well as education, sports and entertainment activity. The project aims to generate billions of Naira in revenue while spreading the message of peace and harmony in Nigeria.

Overall, the project seeks to eliminate violence, create a safe environment where lives and properties are valued, and contribute to the social and economic development of Nigeria. Presently we are embarking on fashion and entertainment through direct sales, fashion challenges, and corporate sponsorships, the project intends to reach a wide audience and have millions of Nigerians wearing and showcasing DTG branded merchandise, thereby engraving the slogan "Drop That Gun" in their minds..